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Ian offers a series of three-hour modules that add depth and richness to any YTT program. Drawing on his many years of practice, study, and teaching, Ian has crafted courses that are technically detailed, while remaining free of dogma and keeping an open mind, which makes them accessible to people from all backgrounds.

The standard flat fee for each module is $250. Multiple modules may be completed over a single weekend, or spread out across weeks/months. Each of these modules stands alone, with no prior experience necessary, but they combine to create many layers of context for each student's personal yoga practice and future teaching opportunities.

A list of references from studios where Ian currently offers YTT modules can be found at the bottom of this page.

The following modules are available at this time:


An introduction to the language of yoga. In this module, Ian teaches the correct pronunciation of Sanskrit words, with an emphasis on āsana names, and the background of the interaction between yoga practice and this very special language. More than just honoring the tradition of yoga, using Sanskrit words has a powerful energetic effect that can deepen the experience students have in classes.


Mantra Meditation
The basics of using mantras, sacred sound formulas, as a meditation for both individuals and groups. Mantra is one of the most ancient of all yoga techniques for rediscovering the True Self. Ian divides the module into lecture/discussion about the energetic nature of mantras and direct experience with chanting a variety of mantras from both the Hindu and Buddhist traditions.


Bhakti Yoga
An introduction to the yoga of devotional love. Bringing many years of experience as a kirtan singer into the classroom, Ian discusses the nature of bhakti, as both an energy vibration and a historical movement. Includes kirtan music performances, recitation of bhakti poetry, detailed study of verses from the Bhakti Sūtras, and a complete pūjā ceremony (Lakṣmī abhiṣekaṁ for abundance).


The Subtle Body
A foundation workshop about the human energy field, based on the tantra philosophy that underlies most of modern yoga practice. Lecture/discussion about the nature of consciousness, karma and rebirth, cakras, nāḍīs, prāṇa and kuṇḍalinī are supplemented by breathing exercises and chanting to connect directly into the subtle realm.


Deities and Bodhisattvas
An in depth look at the aspects of expanded consciousness that are integral to yoga practice. Perspectives from both the Hindu and Buddhist traditions are considered. Topics include the differences between yoga and religion, the purpose of mythology, partnerships between humans and divine beings, and how to present these energies in a non-threatening way during classes. Deeper connections will be made with several deities (Gaṇeśa, Sarasvatī, Avalokiteśvara, Śyāma Tārā) through imagery and mantras.



Feel free to contact these yoga studios for testimonials about Ian's YTT modules.

Marty Yura
Vista Yoga, Decatur GA
(770) 335-9688

Sheila Sullivan McVay
Johns Creek Yoga, Johns Creek, GA
(770) 619-1283

Leigh Anne Neal
Nirvana Yoga, Atlanta, GA
(404) 420-0999

Geetesh Nadkarni
Active Sol Yoga, Atlanta, GA
(404) 236-9642

Dana Shamas
Bayou Bliss Yoga, Houston, TX
(415) 283-7374 



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